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To Promote Your Business

There is no magic, it is all about DATA and CREATIVITY!

   We don't make your product better. Your product is already the best. 

We tell people about YOUR COMPANY selling that product. We put the product in a spotlight. Then we build a strong brand image, and a very special and unique customer relationship, increasing your brand visibility.

Likability is a key aspect of good marketing. A video is an efficient way to present your brand in a likable manner.  Background music sets the mood. Subtle video designs would add warmth. Prepare to see your brand reach new levels.

You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.

 Albert Einstein


Our main areas of expertise


We make amazing VIDEOS! Social Media format, Facebook (landscape), Instagram (square), Instagram Stories (vertical), YouTube, Websites, Email.
You name it. We make it. 
  • the idea,
  • the script,
  • the images (with commercial copyright),
  • the video footage (with commercial copyright),
  • the Social Media marketing strategy,
  • plus Online Campaigns.


Each business is unique, with different goals and different needs. The brand IMAGE and brand TRUST are built continuously on Social Media.
We Create A Custom Strategy for Every Business' Needs. Your message will always influence the way customers feel. We give you the ability to use the voice of your product/service, in order to awake a good feeling in your customer's heart.
Do not waste your precious time. Let us promote your business where the customer is: ONLINE!


How often you see IT professionals with NO experience in Marketing interacting with Google Ads? Yeah, we see it every day. Targeting the wrong audience on Google will only waste your budget.
We have not only become better at finding the right customers. We are now also really good at NOT spending money on the wrong customers.
Most importantly, we proudly graduated Digital Marketing at Columbia Business School New York.
Don't leave your SEO budget people with little to no experience in Marketing.


  • The Permission. You absolutely need it from the people on your list.
  • The Perfect Message. Not too short, not too long. Smart and clear. Maybe a bit funny. Then comes  The Perfect Timing.
  • The Perfect Design. We add awesome visual content. Commercial copyright included.
  • The Perfect Landing Page. Yes, we create beautiful landing pages.
  • The Perfect Analysis. We collect the results, then we translate the data into a presentation for you.


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Our Business & Advertising Specialist
Octavian Tudorache

Octavian Tudorache

  • Skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization, Email Marketing, Landing Pages, Public Speaking, Negotiation and Influence, English Translation;
  • Former Radio and TV Host;
  • Working as a Marketing Specialist for SingTel Singapore;
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing: Customer Engagement, Social Media, Planning & Analytics from Columbia Business School New York.
  • Diploma in Negotiation and Influence from MIT Sloan Cambridge, USA.
  • Owner of Digi-tales Europe,, and

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